Property and Marketing Management

Based in Bali, we provide tailor-made management solutions for villas, estates and properties. From operational needs to marketing strategies, our team monitors every aspects of rental process.

We know what it means to be a villa's owner in Bali and how to run effective and successful rental activities. We're here to make your property a lot more profitable. We take our job seriously and follow strict and efficient processes. Our goal is the satisfaction of everyone: the guests, the owners, the staff and ourself.



  • We supervise daily operations such as laundry and cleaning
  • We check that everything is in order before every check-in
  • We arrange airport pick-up for the guest
  • We take care of villa maintenance
  • We hire and we train staff (cleaner, gardener, driver, chef… )


  • We manage guest billing and payment
  • We organize and keep calendar updated and schedule guest arrival and departure
  • We pay staff salaries and villa bills (electricity, internet, local taxes…)
  • We report to owners every 3 month (cash balance, occupancy,…)

Guest relations

  • We handle email exchange with guest
  • We welcome guest and check them in
  • We assist guest during them stay
  • We guide guest through touristic and holidays activities
  • We oversea the check out

Our commitment goes beyond running your property as a mere business

Marketing strategies

  • We handle all commercial web tools :OTA, Web site, Social media
  • We reach out the proper clientele and targeted market
  • We develop specific partnerships
  • We plan / arrange event


  • We do community management (Social Media)
  • We spread word of mouth for direct booking
  • We build a strong brand identity for your villa
  • We work for long lasting benefits on your investment

Editorial content

  • We write about your property
  • We shoot and edit high qualities, attractive and realistic photos and videos
  • We design modern responsive web site
  • We print brochure


A negociated monthly fixed fee to manage operation, administration and guest relations.
The management of marketing operation is free as long as Little Island Property gets exclusivity of the rental Process. However Little Island takes a standard agent commission from the rental income consistent with market's usual rate.
Operational cost of the villa (bill, tax, salaries...) are at the owner's expense and directly retained from de villa cash flow.
There might be extra costs for upgrades, photo shoot, video, website...
6 months renewable with a 3 months notice before contact termination.
Conclusive results are to be expected after 4 to 5 months work.
After a technical visit of the villa and its surrounding with the owner, a meeting with the staff and an evaluation of possible upgrade, we may proceed to signing the contract, handing over the key and collecting all administrative informations needed.
An initial payment equal to 3 months fees plus operational expenses (working capital) is required.
Our long experience of entrepreneurship in Indonesia not only help us to build an extensive socio-professional network, but also give us the necessary knowledge about local culture, regulations and business custom.
Composed of people from multicultural background, our team is able to communicate in Indonesian, English and French.
Price ranges are set in advance with the owner. However, Little Island freely defines rental rates within the agreed range in order to adapt quickly to market fluctuation and doing so, to maximize occupancy.
Financial report and fund transfer from benefits occur quarterly.



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